Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Clutter Free Life

I'm sure many of you know about the Clutter-Free Classroom project, but I am also attempting to make my life clutter free.  It's difficult, but I'm trying to eliminate things that bog me down and stress me out.  Well, aside from teaching and getting my masters :).

I've come up with some things to help me relax and reorganized at home.

Things that help me relax:
* taking time to do a little yoga first thing waking up and last thing before bed
* talking to my best friends
* game nights and dinners with the gang
* cleaning
* my Mama
* crafting

These are my best friend's living room colors
* a clean bathroom
* a neat kitchen
* my puppy and kitty
* back rubs
* accomplishing my daily goals

Reorganization at home:
* closet cleaning and reorganization
* roomie and I made a massive Goodwill pile (about 4 large boxes and six trash bags full)
* moving the second bookshelf so that I can fill them both
* taking the overflowing crate of grad school books and notes and sorting it
* my new cube thingy.
don't mind the lingering clutter- most is gifts/ outgoing mail

* reupholstering and repainting the chipped, dirty chair I've had since my early teens.

before. stained, dirty material and in desperate need of paint
* making "new" patio furniture from my Aunt and Uncle's old patio furniture- still in progress.
* making an earring holder since they never make it back into the jewelry box but somehow make it onto the hanger

 * a glass of wine, though this is rare

* making presents for my kids
Valentines ready and waiting

 *cooking a yummy meal-- especially when it's organic!

* new craft area, organized by subject matter
*** Note: I still have a ways to go, but I'm definitely making progress.

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