Wednesday, December 28, 2011

what your teacher REALLY does for winter break

- Sleep.  After the first couple of nights, generally more than six hours, preferably 8 or more hours a night. :)
- Read books for fun.  Although, some of them are related to the classroom/ designed to be used in the classroom.

- Go to the beach.

- Watch the sunset.

- Play.

- Go out for a night.
- Shag dance to live music.
- Write lesson plans.
- Mostly forget about the classroom.
- Research things for school.
- Think about her students on Christmas day and wonder if they're having as enjoyable a day as she is.
- Watch the snowfall, and dance in the snow.
- Have a snowball fight.
- Keep thinking how quickly this break is flying by.
- Catch up with old friends. :)

Sorry I don't have pictures of all of it. :)

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