Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thank You, Pinterest

As a girl, I love pinterest.  As a teacher, my relationship with pinterest goes beyond love.  I have tried a few things from pinterest in my classroom before and have seen things there that I've already done/ currently do.  Today, I did something that makes SO much sense.  I made an absentee work spot.  I've been keeping everything for the kids that were absent on my desk or front table, but it's too much for me to remember who wasn't here which day and what they missed.  Instead, I made a "Were you absent" crate.  I've warned all the kids that this was coming, and they already know that they will be making up their missed work in the morning (if they ride an early bus), at lunch, or during their gym time.  I have so many grades in the grade book that aren't filled in because the kids were absent.  They're all pretty amenable with the idea of an absent work crate.  Now comes the true challenge-- getting them to accept responsibility for what they've missed.  This is what I made today.  There's a folder for each of the 6 periods I teach, and in each folder are the assignments with kids' names on them.  I went ahead and put some things in there from today, even though I won't fully implement until we get back from Winter Break.  2 more days!!!

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