Thursday, December 8, 2011

Last Shot

I often tell my students some variety of "This is your last shot."  Sometimes, this means, "I'm about to document your inappropriate behavior in writing."  Sometimes (and I usually hate these times), this means "You're on the verge of expulsion.  Don't mess up."  That's a side effect of working at an alternative school.  Today, I tried something new when picking up my last period class of sweaty, smelly 8th grade boys from their PE class.  They're so gross by the time I get to teach them science.  Anyway, the kids that finish their assignments early sometimes get to play basketball.  They really enjoy it and get very competitive, but burn off a lot of excess energy, so I can't complain.

The day that I started writing this blog (sometime earlier this week), I tried something new.  I gave them "one last shot" on the court.  It took less time than it would take me to coax the ball from their hands and get them unwillingly lined up.  This little, teensy extra bit of respect for them and their interests instead earned me a chorus of "Yes, Ma'am"s and a quick, easy line up.  Well, that little change will become a part of my daily classroom procedures.  I'm also looking into a way to put some basketball into my review games in the classroom.....suggestions?

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