Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You know you teach in the country when....

1) Your students "can't come" to the school dance on a Saturday because they'll be hunting during the day and cleaning their kill at night.

2) The local Days Inn signboard reads "Welcome Deer Hunters."

3) You "done bin did that 'un afore."

4) When you ask a student to please take some chairs to the computer lab and start to tell them that they're all metal and really heavy and they might need another student to help or to make two trips, the scrawny student easily hoists all the chairs and hauls them all the way across the school.  When he gets back and you thank him, he says that the chairs "weren't even as heavy as two bales of hay."

5) You now know that a bale of hay weighs approximately 85 pounds.

6) You learn that the term "hillbilly" is offensive and that "mountain hoocher" is the more politically correct term.

7) An entire bus of students enters the school in single-file line all wearing the exact same "uniform"...... camo t-shirt or long undershirt, jeans/ overalls, brown boots, and a camo hunting jacket.  This includes male and female students.

8) Your students are jealous that you live within five minutes of a grocery store.

9) All of your students listen to country music, regardless of skin color or family background.

10) You have a hispanic student whose accent could compete with someone from Blue Collar Comedy.

and so, so many more

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