Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Veterans Day

On Thursday, we took our middle schoolers to the local cemetery to celebrate Veterans Day.  We had school on Friday, but we planned the trip for Thursday so that we could go on Friday if it rained.  We ended up getting to go on Thursday as scheduled, even though it poured until about an hour before the students arrived and was still a little drizzly upon their arrival.  They were psyched!  We all walked up to the cemetery (about 2/10 of a mile from the school) and the kids started the day off with a mini lesson on Veterans Day, why we were there, what the Veterans that had just left the cemetery were doing, and how to be respectful of a cemetery while you're in it.  Then, they got to do a tombstone scavenger hunt.  It sounds a little morbid, but it really got them interested in what they were looking at.  They had to find the shortest life span, the longest life span, a veteran, a married couple, the person that was born furthest away from today, etc.  Of course, the cemetery is gargantuan, so there were many different answers.  We (students and teachers!) found some really cool graves along the way.  After their completion of the scavenger hunt in pairs, they were given tracing paper and charcoal or crayons and allowed to etch any grave they thought was honorable or really neat.  We got some fantastic things back from the kids  I should have taken a picture of the bulletin board we filled at school.  Anyway, here are just a few pictures of our Veterans Day remembrance.  I was so proud of how most of the kids acted.

One of the kids took this.

Paying Respects
The kids were beyond fascinated with this one.  Cue mini lesson on WWII.

Soooo cool! This was a teacher find that the kids got to look up the coordinates to when we got back.

One of my favorite Veterans Day pictures.  Not posed!

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