Monday, November 21, 2011

Tutorial: How to carry on the family name

You know those parents that name their kids really obnoxious things, like Lemonjello or Tree or Day Ann Knight?  I think that people that name their kids really obnoxious names are the same, eg. Walter Irelynd Cornucopia Robinson just because the name's been in the family since King Henry VIII was around.  Today, I had the distinct displeasure of calling a parent with bad news about his son's behavior.  As I looked up the phone number, I noticed that his father had the same first and last name, but a different middle name, therefore, my student isn't a "Junyah."  When this dad answered the phone, he used his first, middle, and last names to answer the phone.  I mean, he's not a 12 year old girl born in SC with a double name.  "Andrew James Jackson speaking."  I shrugged it off, thinking maybe he was just being formal since we've never met in person.  As the conversation continues and we're talking about his son, discussing how to improve his behavior, the dad interjects with, "Wait, which Andrew Jackson are we talking about here?  Andrew Adam Jackson or Andrew Alfred Jackson? I have two sons named Andrew Jackson."  Seriously?????  Same middle initial and everything?  No wonder he answered the phone with all three names.

Anyway, the key to carrying on not just the family surname, but your first name as well is apparently to name all of your children after yourself.  That way, the odds of a grandbaby with your name are increased.

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