Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thumbelina's Vacation

In case you didn't know, our class hamster, Thumbelina, went missing last week.  Here's the backstory if you didn't read it.  PTL I didn't have another heart attack from a scampering hamster AND that there was no rotten carcass in my classroom when I returned from a long weekend for Thanksgiving.  Whew!  I worried about the dumb hamster all weekend.  It seems Thumbelina had an enjoyable vacation.  While there was no damage done to anything except my heart, she did leave a paper trail.  She's a little like Hansel and Gretel, I suppose.  Thumbelina was hopelessly lured in by my gingerbread house, aka the paper stack.  She left some shavings under the door that connects my classroom to the one next door.  She left some poop in the craft cabinet, which was how I found and trapped the sneaky little bugger.  I knew the fact that all the cabinet doors in my classroom hang open no matter what I do would eventually come in handy.  At any rate, Thumbelina is very unhappily back at home, no longer on vacation, and has been grounded to her room with a large encyclopedia on the top of her terrarium.

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