Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kinda Like Wine Glasses

I was talking to one of my 8th grade girls today, and she asked when their field trip was going to be.  The field trip in question is a group of kids from all over the county going to an outdoorsy summer camp and staying in the cabins to talk about why they believe that drugs and violence aren't the best things for them.  In addition, they'll be doing some pretty cool stuff, like ropes courses.  Anyway, this girl is p-u-m-p-e-d!  She told me she was almost packed and asked about what kind of clothing she should bring.  She then told me how excited she was to bring and show off her favorite pair of pajama pants.  I encouraged her to keep talking as this girl is rarely animated about anything school related (well, does animated loathing count?? :p)  She proceeded to tell me that they were a black background and they had these things that look kinda like wine glasses, but they have olives in them and they're shaped funny.  "They look kinda like wine glasses, that was the main descriptor," she says.  She was quite repetitive about it.  Eventually, she said she thought someone had called them Marina glasses, but she wasn't sure.  I couldn't help but grin.  My two subsequent thoughts were 1) probably inappropriate for this specific outing, and 2) she's still innocent!!!!!!! Hallelujah!

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