Wednesday, October 12, 2011

God's Reminders

You know those kids that you really kinda just want to strangle?  Don't give up on them.  Even the most frustrating, difficult, irritating, you think they'll never learn how to behave or learn the curriculum or ever even care about school student HAS POTENTIAL.  I had a really really really exciting moment with one of my most frustrating kids yesterday.  The thing is, he's got a personality that I rather enjoy except for at lunch and when he's in my class.  He comes from a rough background- Mom's unemployed, disabled, homeless, etc.  He bounces around but mostly stays with Mom's sister, though she has no legal guardianship.  He has a host of issues behaviorally and psychologically, but he's got a good inside.  This boy was a thorn in my side from day one.  If he wasn't trying to sleep, he was talking out of turn or drumming a beat on his desk.  The last week or so, he's really improved.  He still wasn't by any means a "model student" but was much more enjoyable to teach.  (I felt less like a dentist doing a root canal and more like someone that could help him learn).  Yesterday, I asked one of my Chatty Cathys if he would like to teach the class, since he obviously knew more about the subject than I did.  I mean, he was clearly talking to his neighbor about class and the information I was presenting, right?  Chatty Cathy said he didn't know enough to teach the class.  My young thorn then politely stopped fidgeting, sat up straight, raised his hand, and waited for me to acknowledge him.  When I did, he asked me if he could PLEASE teach the class?  I was a little hesitant, worried that he would try to clown around like he often does, but agreed.  At this point, they were beginning and individualized activity using informational text.  This young man came up to the board, started explaining and teaching, and even went to several students' desks who raised their hands and asked for help.  I literally was so proud I thought I'd burst.  SO SO SO SO SO proud.  And thanks, God, for that reminder that they're ALL worth the effort.  I even called his Auntie and asked her to pass along the word that he had done so wonderfully and how proud I was.  Today, he was a "model student."  :D

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