Saturday, October 29, 2011

Family Rockstars..I'm Thankful Even When It's Not Thanksgiving

You know that quote, "You can't choose your family but you can choose your friends?"  I know that it's true, but I am so. so. so. so. so. thankful for my family.  The family members that take the cake this week are, in no particular order:

1) My Aunt-- This amazing woman is basically a superhero.  In fact, I'm not sure that she isn't a superhero.  Her kids are dressing as superheroes for Halloween... maybe she just has them practicing for when they grow up.  You know, like the movie SkyHigh?  Anyway, she has amazing faith, and this faith somehow translates into her always knowing exactly the right thing to say.  Sure, she may have to think about it for awhile, but the notes, letters, emails, texts, and phone calls I get from her always leave me feeling rejuvenated.  She's a teacher, and I called her to talk about building a relationship with one of my students even though he's 16 and her degree is Early Childhood.  She works with a youth group, and I just needed someone on the outside to hear about this kid and how he works.  She was really encouraging and helped me to come up with some things to implement and hope they worked.  Unfortunately, he was arrested the next morning.  I was totally bummed.  I texted her when I left school and just said that the kid we'd talked about had been arrested.  This led to a text conversation in which she said the best thing I could have heard.  The best thing about it is that I'm 100% sure she meant every word and also 100% certain she's correct.  She said,

 "It takes a special teacher to see potential in the seemingly hopeless and care enough to want to reach out to them.  Hopefully you will have another opportunity to make a much needed impact in his life.  If you don't, then we pray that the Lord sends somebody else into his life to make that impact for you.  One way or another he seems to have seen a difference in how you treated him and felt about him opposed to others.  He will remember that and it will make a difference."

Then, she sent me a picture of my sweet, sweet 4 year old cousin in his police officer costume for Halloween and said, "Perhaps you needed this officer today...."

I love her.

2) My Mama-- I decided that I just really needed to spend some quality time with my family this weekend, even though I had a ton to do for my grad school program as well as plenty of take-home teaching work.  I called her at the last minute and asked her what she was doing this weekend.  Her response?  "Entertaining my daughter????" No questions asked, just gave me the okay that she would make time for me if I came home, spur of the moment.

3) My bubba-- Who, as a Junior in High School, stayed home on a Friday night to hang out with me. :)

In other news, the cat, the dog, and I roadtripped out of town for the weekend.  The little lady loves car rides. 

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