Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dear Jerks

Dear Jerks,

I don't know who you are or where you live, but you certainly don't live on my block because I've never seen you before and I know everybody here.  It is rude and inappropriate to have a loud, raucous, binge-drinking party on a Tuesday night in front of peoples' homes that aren't yours.  I don't want to hear your cussing, your screaming, your ridiculous drunked conversations, or about the wild sex you're going to have later.  I also don't want to see your trash all over the place in the morning.  Please remember that I am an over-worked woman who is cranky and has to get up early, so I like to go to bed early too.  I realize that it's ten o'clock and I'm still working, but I know my roommate and several of my neighbors have already had lights out.  You are rude and if you give me a little bit longer to work up a good temper, my cranky self is gonna come teach you how to behave in a respectable neighborhood. 



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