Saturday, October 1, 2011

but don't get crazy

Today was one of those days.  Not so much in my classroom, but in general it was a rough day.  We had four in ISS.  One was there all day and most of yesterday.  The other three got called out at the end of my class.  Plus, they were MAP testing again, so they were all chatty and wanted to move and play and unwind, but since there wasn't time for that, they had to go to class still tense from testing.   There was a fight in the substitute's class.  I feel a little bad for not going over to help her out, but she'd been screaming all day, so I had no idea that this time was any different.  One of my hardest-working, most well-behaved and motivated (but also battling a big disability) students is in DJJ. BUM-mer!  Tons of kids, normally good, were in ISS or doing PT with the Sergeant.  They were fine in class, but all the transitions were killer.  I'm sooo tired from the stress of it, and so glad it's over.  On to a better day!  Oh, and for the reminded me of Bonquiqui's famous episode at King Burger.

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