Monday, September 12, 2011

What a Crappy Day!

Background: Yesterday, one of the kitties got sick and had diarrhea allllll over the floor.  Luckily, the crisis was averted and the floor was well cleaned.  This morning, all I had left to do was grab my shoes out of the closet and eat breakfast.  I stepped in a pile of diarrhea in my closet, then cleaned myself and the floor up.  Then, I went to put on my earrings and one of my favorite earrings broke.  Oh well, I was Monday.  I went into the kitchen to make myself a bowl of cereal.  In my hurry, I accidentally upended my bowl of cereal and milk into my teacher bag, which only had two laptops and a bunch of things I cared about (like my AWESOME planner) in it. I scooped that out, grabbed a granola bar, and ran out the door.  On my way to the car, I was focusing on not spilling my drink and stepped in a pile of dog poo.  Animal excrement started and ended my morning at good.

Oh, and it's a full moon tonight in addition to being a Monday, which probably explains why the kids were all absolutely wild today.

Luckily, the day could only go up from there. :)

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