Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome to the Southland....

where football is a HUGE deal...even middle school football.  I went to my first whole middle school football game last night.  I thought I'd be bored and would just be a good teacher for supporting my students.  In fact, I was a good teacher for supporting my student (who happens to be a starter, which I didn't know), but I was most definitely not bored.  I surprised myself by how into it I got and how excited I was when the plays were good for the team I was supporting.  I mean, you would've thought I was at my favorite college team's game and this game was determining who was going to the championship the way I was cheering.  Just in case you're a yankee and don't know, we much prefer college football to pro ball down here.  So, middle school football. They played in a BEAUTIFUL high school stadium.  The stadium has astroturf.  We're talking football boosters raise big bucks for middle and high school football teams.  I had to hike in because the two closest parking lots were full.  The stadium was full, even for a middle school and subsequent JV game.  Craziness.  They looked like little professionals out there on the field and in their shiny uniforms.  The only clue that it wasn't a professional game?  Two touchdowns in the last minute and a half.  The first one was legitimate.  The second one was a return after a kick...the kid ran 80 yards and into the endzone, leaving six seconds on the clock and my student very upset because his team just lost and had no way to recover.

They look like little professionals!

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