Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yesterday was one of those "Thank you, God for making me a teacher" days.  I had a pretty stellar day, but the low for the day was most definitely sharpening pencils.  I've stopped using my electric sharpener since I have a really nice hand sharpener in my classroom and the electric one is loud, overheats regularly, and tends to sharpen pencils so that they break quickly.  So, I'm hanging out over at the pencil sharpener, sharpening away and finding it rather cathartic.  The next thing I know, I'm trying to help one of my students with some work and I realize that my thumb REALLY hurts.  So, I look at it and find a gigantic blister.  It starts at the very top of my thumb and runs all the way down the side of my thumb to the top of my knuckle.  So, I have this giant blister that hasn't had time to make me totally miserable yet.  We head down to lunch, and as I try to open my yogurt, I realize that there's also a delightful blister in the bendy part of my index finger.  Let's not even talk about how ridiculous this is.  The end result is that I have band-aids on my fingers today and sharpening pencils is now a punishment.

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