Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Navy Football

So, I'm the lucky girl that gets to work with men on her team, which means I don't have to deal with uncomfortable situations with my male students. :)  I just send them on to one of the male teachers.  Their names are Maverick and Goose.  Today at lunch, I mentioned that I am going to meet a dear friend at the USC- Navy football game this weekend.  My co-workers (boys of course) transitioned from a conversation about the movie Top Gun to a discussion of the logistics of having a Navy football game aboard an aircraft carrier.  No out of bounds-- just the fall to the ocean.  The fans would have to watch from the air- which could be cool if you could get close enough. :p  Then, my last period class of the day while the kids were having their end of the day snack, one of the students asked me if I was going to go to any of the local-ish football games this weekend.  I told him I was going to go to the Navy- USC game.  One of the boys was wearing an Army rucksack and complaining about its weight.  He started complaining about the military.  I told him that if he were in the military and out in the field, he would have to live out of it for days (or longer) at a time.  This led to a brief conversation about the military, all its branches, and some of my boys contemplating what life would be like in each branch of the Navy.  It seems that my students have a great appreciation for the military.  They also decided that the Navy should start an NFL team and that my Sailor should be a starter.

They practiced calling the plays,
"Mrs. Green's hubby with the catch."
 "Wouldn't that be cool?"
"If he's married to Mrs. Green, wouldn't his name be Mr. Green?"
"No guys, we're not married.  He has a different last name."
 "Oh, okay, Mrs. Green's boo scores a touchdown!!!!"

I love my students.  They're so silly.

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