Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm on my honeymoon!!!!!!

Woooohoooo! :D  But seriously, I'm in my honeymoon period with my students, and I. am. loving. it.  No lie.  I'm as happy as a pig in the slop.  I know that realistically, the honeymoon period lasts about three weeks and then ends, but I plan to enjoy every minute.  Newlywed honeymooners don't worry about the honeymoon ending, so I won't either.  I already have a bulletin board filled with pretty, creative, and well-done student work, and it's only the second day!  I'm already falling in love with many of my kids.  I can't wait to get to know them better.  I totally adore my seventh graders, even the teensy little boys that look like they should be in 4th or 5th grade.  Oh, and my one seventh grade girl.  She's so sweet, and already shows good leadership qualities in the classroom.  One of the poor little ones busted a hole in the side of his pants this morning, revealing his boxer shorts.  When he was noticed and called over by one of the male teachers, his pants totally split in the front.  Thank goodness none of the other kids were paying attention because they were busy struggling through their push-ups!  I felt so embarrassed for him.

Other things I forgot to mention yesterday:

Weird- The boys aren't allowed to wear boxers. They have to wear tighty whities.  There's a rationale, but it's long and I won't bore you.

Not Cool- There must be a giant ant mound hidden in the weeds on the PT field, because I got eaten up by ants while I was watching my kids train.

Potential for Fun- My team and I are thinking about rewarding some of our best students by letting them complete a mud run in May (3 kids and a teacher on each team).  How awesome is that?

Even though I keep getting told I talk like I'm a northerner, I think I sound pretty southern.  I'm not sure I could ever compete with some of my friends and co-workers who were born and raised and still live in the boonies of the South.  Example- I've caught myself saying all kinds of country things, like egg-zit.  Translation, exit.  I say things like ClemPson and hamPster.

Oh, and I'm hoping that even after the honeymoon ends, my kids are still as awesome as they have been the last two days.  There's a great system of consequences and a very thorough way that my team operates classroom, hallway, and lunch procedures, so hopefully it'll last.  I'm confident that I'll love it even if some of them do turn out to be punks, but I really think I have a good group of kids.

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