Thursday, September 29, 2011


As a teacher, I'm exposed to oh, a few zillion germs a day.  Unlike elementary school teachers, instead of having roughly 21 kids cling to me all day, I have something like 100 kids cling to me all day.  They cough and sneeze and everything else disgusting all over my room, me, themselves, and their peers.  Seriously, it makes my skin crawl.  I use the surgeon's scrub I learned from Grey's Anatomy and scrub all the way above my elbows (even if I'm wearing long sleeves) at least twice a day.  I use instant hand-sanitizer, and I wash my hands a lot, as well as avoiding close contact with the sick kids, wiping down the surfaces, and occasionally spraying disinfectant (Lysol).  Clearly, this isn't enough because I am s-i-c-k.  At least I haven't gotten the stomach bug that's been going around.  *Knock on wood.*

So, my question/ debate is: non-medicinal remedies, natural remedies, etc.  What works and what doesn't?

I use a neti pot.  Sooo gross but sooo worth it.  I mean, it's what I imagine a nicotine fix would feel like.  My head will be pounding and I'll be miserable, so I rush home to my neti pot, get it going, and instantly feel at least a little better.  I just use the cheap kind from CVS, and it's all you need.

I also use a vaporizer at night, even sometimes when I'm not sick.  Not every night, but sometimes just to keep my skin and sinuses healthy.

Sometimes, I'll even boil vinegar or cut up an onion and leave it out- both are natural disinfectants.  BUT, they both stink.  So here's where I need help: What do y'all do, and what works?

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