Tuesday, September 27, 2011

desperate times call for desperate measures

So, I have this kid who really and truly cannot function in the classroom.  Bless his heart.  He tries, but despite all of our efforts to make him a positive contributor to the class, he still ends up distracting the other students, me, and irritating and infuriating the rest of the class.  They are in class all day with the same kids, so irritation from other classes or the hallways carries into our classes as well.  This poor kid is intelligent (he got a 100 on our test yesterday), but just can't manage being in a classroom.  Rather than send him away and give him bookwork to do, I've found a way to keep him in the classroom where I can monitor him and redirect him as needed, as well as challenge him.  Thanks to three of the best men I work with, there is now a small cubicle set up in my classroom.  It's a little strange to look at, but it gave me some more "wall space."  These poor men dug these cubicle walls out of storage, took them apart, hauled them to my room, then set them up for me.  They were so helpful, and I definitely owe all of them.  I'm thinking Clemson Tigers themed cookies.  I have a paw-shaped cookie cutter and can make some vanilla frosting that's orange.  Like I said, desperate times call for desperate measures.  Here are some pictures of the new, "improved" classroom.

This is when you walk in the door.  Middle School Rules, Pencils, Emergency procedures, and spare lined, graph, and printer paper.

My lab set up for our first big experiment and the first 7th grade adventure in stations.

The view of the front of the cubicle.  I may eventually move all the boxes, but I don't have much storage space.

The view of the cubicle from the desks.  The area behind it is clean and organized now. :)

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