Sunday, August 7, 2011

What I love about Sunday

This has been a Sunday for the books.  It's been an absolutely fabulous day, and so relaxing.  It wasn't anything extraordinary, just a really happy, peaceful day.  I haven't had a nice Sunday like this in quite some time (probably because I'm usually doing schoolwork for grad school).  As of yesterday, I am officially done with 1/4 of my masters!! :) This means I have a couple of weeks to only focus on work before the fall semester starts.  This should be good for me as I'm really itching to get into my fall preparations for teaching.

Today, I got up and got to go to church and FINALLY found one that I'm excited about going back to visit.  I had a little bit of a lazy morning just hanging out in the apartment with friends, headed to church, then took a Sunday drive through downtown, which I think is just so pretty.  Then, because I've been researching and researching more trying to find a gym, I stopped by three gyms on my way home.  They're all gyms I've checked out online, so I had a background interest in these three.  The first one I didn't like, the second one I loved (but it's a little pricier than I'd like to pay), and the third one has some serious potential.  It's a big investment to find a place that you feel comfortable (and safe!) exercising...I guess I've always been lucky and have never had to look for a good gym fit for me.  I did a little people watching, which Sundays are perfect for, and headed home.

At home, I got to celebrate the fact that one of my friends has just found a new, much better job opportunity in his field, and that really brightened my day even more.  Then, the roomie and I headed off on an "excursion," as we called it.  We found a cute local nail salon and got our disgusting feet taken care of.   They used something that looked like a grater on the bottoms of my feet.  I'd never seen that before, but boy do my feet feel amazing now!  I guess my feet had just gone way too long without some quality attention.  Then, we headed to our new, superstore sized Dollar Tree.  I'm telling you, this place is the biggest Dollar Tree I've ever seen, and it was its grand opening.  I stocked up on some neat stuff for my classroom and got two containers of Fabuloso for cleaning my board.  All of you teachers out there should give it a try-- it's hands-down the best board cleaner I've tried, and it makes your classroom smell pretty.  I also had the brinner I've been craving for quite some time: Pancakes, scrambled eggs, and turkey bacon (which is turns out is absolutely disgusting).  We came home and now I'm getting to enjoy our balcony and a beautiful sunset.  Tomorrow, it's back to work and the real world, but today has been a wonderful day of relaxtion.  This is what I love about Sundays.

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