Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is the best part about being a teacher according to non-teachers, right? Well, here to tell you that you're wrong.

1. I miss my students. I wonder what up to, and what they remember, and what I taught them besides science that's sticking, but mostly? I miss them. I want to know what up to and see their smiling faces.

2. Summer vacay is a myth or an urban legend or whatever you want to call it.  When we aren't taking classes to make sure that we're "highly qualified" to teach someone else's children, we're recruiting for our school, helping to interview potential new teachers, organizing and cleaning our classrooms, and spending lots and lots of time preparing to teach your children.  This involves re-reading textbooks, brushing up on state and national standards, making lesson plans (lots and lots of lesson plans), trying to be as innovative as possible, creating school supply lists, and shopping for children who very rarely thank us for the large amount of money from our paychecks that we invest in them.

3.  Many teachers work summer jobs, you know, since we (at least me as a science teacher and my elementary ed buddies do) spend much more money than we probably should trying to make school fun and "cool" for our students.

4. So yesterday, when someone said, Oh, you're a teacher? How nice that you only have to work a few months out of the year! I really wanted to say, actually, though I've gotten to see lots of family, the only time off I've had all summer was the week that I spent volunteering at Camp Happy Days, which was the best vacation I could've asked for.  However, while I'm spending a rainy, thunderstormy day inside lugging around thousands of pounds of textbooks, I'm fantasizing about vacationing at the beach, perhaps off the coast of my favorite city- Charleston!

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