Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Story 1- Year 2

Here goes my first crazy story of the year- and school hasn't even started!  We still have exactly a week until classes start.  Tonight was Meet the Teacher night- a great time for me to hang out with my coworkers and meet many of my future students and their parents.  My first crazy story of the year came in with her older (though I'm not sure how much) and very pregnant sister, who spoke for her.  This ever wise sister was certainly not yet 18 and definitely not the legal guardian needed present to register her younger sister for school.  When asked who came with her, this student, let's call her Margaret, said her mom was here- just in the car outside.  She wasn't coming in because she couldn't get out of the car-- they were on their way to take her to the hospital and decided to make a pit stop at Meet the Teacher night.  Kudos to Mom for looking out for her kid.  Still, probably not the best judgment.  We sent a teacher out that knew Mom to talk to her.  The teacher's report?  Mom was lying spread eagle across the backseat, moaning in pain and holding her stomach.  They all (minus Mom) come back into the school and begin the registration process.  Don't worry, Margaret had plenty of time to socialize with all her favorite teachers and some of her friends.  She wasn't in a hurry at all.  Those of us that knew what was going on kept urging her to hurry.  Probably 45 minutes later, they headed off to the ER.....

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