Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Post-Grad: Year 2

Yesterday is what I would consider my first day of my second year after graduation.  I went into my new school for the day, and got to inventory all the thousands of dollars of lab supplies/ things they bought me.  It was really just like Christmas morning!  The classroom, which was "mine" when I visited before, is officially mine now.  Nothing in there (except what belongs to the school) belongs to anyone else.  I got a good feel for it and can't wait to decorate.  Oh, and I got pet clearance, so we'll be having a classroom hamster/gerbil/rat and hopefully some frogs!!!  The only difficult things left to do are to convert my long-range plans to lesson plans/ unit plans and to find pants that fit my teacher uniform and khaki only.

Here are the before pictures of my room: :)

The back of the room

My wall of mostly much natural light in my room I didn't use the flourescents all day!

part of my wall with sinks/ supplies

the front of the room. 

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  1. Oh Amy---sooo excited for you and your new classroom!!! Can't wait to see the pictures once it's all YOU!!! :) your kiddos are going to be so lucky to have you!