Friday, August 5, 2011

A Limerick

The packaging science engineers
are the source of all my great fears
Their boxes cause pain
And bring me no gain
At the end of their work are tears

Inspired by the not-so-dear packaging science majors/ engineers who design boxes which I have to smush my hands into so that I can extract the textbooks which are crammed in there with literally no extra space.  In addition to this aggravation, the boxes are usually new, meaning sharp, and leave cuts and scratches all over my hands and arms.  My favorite part?  Each box is designed for a textbook that individually weighs approximately a ton.  You know when a normal-sized box only has six textbooks in it and is full that those books are gonna be a holy terror to lug around.  Anyway, to the people whose job is to design these boxes: you make my life miserable.

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