Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beautiful Beaufort

This weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Beaufort, SC for the first time since my family and I vacationed on Fripp Island in middle school (and maybe the summer after 9th grade).  I had forgotten how truly beautiful the city is, and also how quaint.  I mean that in the nicest way possible.  I mean, who can look at the following pictures and not find Beaufort's beauty breathtaking?  Nice alliteration, yes?  Gosh I love the lowcountry!

I have a really pretty picture of the bay at low tide too, but I can't get it to load right now.

So, this really awesome girl who writes Boomwhackers and Lipsmackers, and also happens to be a dear friend, just moved down to Beaufort for a job.  I got to go visit her and her fabulous roommate, and had a stellar weekend.

Friday night, we went to this little restaurant called the Frog.  Amazing seafood (of course), and the roomie sang some jazz for us.  It was fabulous!
Our view of the show

Then, Saturday was an awesome, awesome event.  We drove to Charleston and spent the day with my family at Homegrown 2011.  We got to see Crowfield, Sister Hazel (twice), and Hootie and the Blowfish, which is probably my all-time favorite band.  Not to mention, I got to spend hours looking at and listening to my celeb crush, Darius Rucker.  The downsides?  

1) It thunderstormed. BAD.  We had to "evacuate" the tennis center.  Outdoor concerts and bad, long thunderstorms are not fun.  We were totally soaked!  The concert was delayed about 2 hours, but luckily we didn't have any accidents like the Sugarland Concert did.  Then, while slushing through the mud and getting even more disgusting on the way to my car, my remote wouldn't unlock the car.  I finally proved to my brother that it was, in fact, my car, and then my unlock button inside the car wouldn't work either.

2)As it turned out, I'd accidentally left my headlights on in the rain on the way to the concert, so my car had been shining away for about ten hours.  The battery was dead.  Luckily, I'm basically a professional at jumping cars and we got it all taken care of pretty quickly.  What wasn't quick was the zillion dollar BMW that also needed to be jumped and whose owner I let borrow my jumper cables.  I mean, seriously, you'd think his shiny-new, zillion dollar car would re-start a little faster.  

3) From the concert, my girl and I and my brother and one of his frat brothers decided we wanted some WaHo for a midnight snack.  We pulled up, and not only was there a hostess at this waffle house, there was a line out the door.  Totally unheard of!  When did Waffle House get so popular it needed a hostess to manage the seating?

This guy brought the party to the concert, beach ball and all.  This was about two hours before the band played.  The ball ended up on stage during the encore!
The chocolate tree!
cute camper!

Sunday, when we got back to Beaufort, I got to see one of my precious campers and her family.  She showed me around downtown Beaufort, and then we went shopping.  This 13 year old girl REFUSED to let me buy her anything to drink, junk food, ice cream, clothes, jewelry, or anything.   She's the hardest camper I've ever met to spoil.  I had a great time with her and meeting her puppies.

Oh, and the picture of the chocolate tree is significant because it's the same chocolate shop Forrest Gump went to when he got his box of chocolates.  You know,
that part?  Oh, AND they have an all you can eat chocolate/ candy day soon.  15 bucks for all you can eat, really really good chocolate?  I'm thinking about making a trip back just for that.

All in all, this was a fantastic weekend.

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