Saturday, July 16, 2011

Things I've learned and/or been reminded of today...

I am a firm believer in learning something everyday.  It could be a simple fact about your friend, something from the National Geographic or Discovery Channel (can you tell I'm a science teacher?), some random trivia, anything, as long as the bottom line is achieved.  Learning.  Learning allows us to change and grow and be better.  I can't think of anything better than that.  Well, except maybe love.  Anyway, today has been a day of learning for me so far, and I only just finished lunch!  No, I'm not talking about grad school.  The things I learn every day as I work toward my masters are my fallback in case I can't think of anything else I've learned.  Here's a little list.

1) Fondant may look really pretty when professionals apply it to a cake, but there's a good reason I'm a teacher and not a baker.  I ended up being unable to get the colored and rolled-out fondant off the counter-top, so I tore off as much as I could at a time and tried to mend it together.  My cake looks like it needs some serious band-aids or stitches.  I'll have to get creative later to see how I can make it presentable so it doesn't embarrass me when I serve it.

2) I am an absolute grump in the morning when I'm tired and don't have any caffeine.

3) I can also add nursing to the list of things I'm really glad isn't my career.  Baby Bro had his wisdom teeth out today, and I so despise all the gross, nasty stuff about it and my tummy gets nervous every time he stands up because I'm afraid he's going to pass out or puke or something and then I'm gonna have to figure out how to lug this giant back to the couch.  Plus, the blood and bandages are kinda nasty.  Don't get me wrong, I can admire a good battle wound, but this....this was just plain gross.

4) Along the same vein, people on prescription dope drugs can be hysterical.  Bless my sweet parents and brothers for not making too much fun of me (to my face) for all the times I've had to be doped up.

5) I know email gets a lot of flack for being impersonal, but I think that's only when you don't know the person you're emailing well and/or don't have an active imagination.  I got an email this morning that absolutely made my day.  Sure, I would've preferred it came over skype (it was no worse than a letter), because I don't dare hope for an in-person visit.  I've got too long to wait.  I could hear all the voice inflections, the smiles, the bashful body language, the sarcasm, and the jokes just fine, even though it was coming to me through my computer screen.  So I've learned that email isn't always impersonal.

6) Robert Ivey, a Charleston figure-head, passed away yesterday.  It was saddening for me to learn of his death and subsequently think of the influence he made on the city and so many of my friends and people I went through school with.  Here's a link to the news: Robert Ivey News 2.

7) I learned that my jungle kitten has a knack for surviving in the wild.  For the last several days, he's been following me to the doorstep and hovering in the doorframe, then backing away before I close the door.  Today, I popped the dog's leash on his collar and let him hover until he was comfortable enough to venture into the "great outdoors!" A land of shrubbery, grass, and cedar chips awaited him!  My little tracker managed to hunt down three bugs and a giant dog poop in the five minutes or so we were outside.  Curious little bugger.

See? All of these are personal learning experiences, and none of them are necessarily things you would come across in a textbook.  There are lots of ways to learn and things to learn about.

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