Wednesday, July 27, 2011


July is winding down, and the last week of July means another week of confessions.  Here they are: nothing too scandalous for you guys this week.  I'm living a very wholesome life. :)

...I may be a cat lady at the ripe old age of 23, but I absolutely love snuggling in with all three of them in the mornings while I hit the snooze once or twice, then get up to start my day.

.... The Dirt Devil that looks like this

might be my newest obsession.  I found them on sale at Target, and since hot pink and boring black were my color options, I opted for the hot pink.  So far, it makes cleaning up cat food and kitty litter messes infinitely more fact, I don't mind using it all over the apartment.  A new way to make cleaning fun.

...I still prefer to clean when I have a large load of schoolwork/ homework to do.  I like to have my surroundings in order or "just so" before I settle down for the long haul.

....I secretly love wicker.  But not your grandmother's wicker.  Cute wicker.  Wicker like this.


I fantasize about it, and I want it all over my future permanent home, especially in my future baby's nursery.

...Middle schoolers in large quantities overwhelm me if they aren't in a classroom or school setting.  Working at the bookstore and having hordes and hordes of middle school students come in, several large groups at a time, really threw me for a loop.  I still love the age group, but boy did my stress level skyrocket with all of them in the store at once.

.... I really love living with a roommate, especially in this situation.  I have my own half of the apartment, and on the other side of all our shared spaces is her half.  It works perfectly for me.  I hope I never have to live alone for any extended period of time.

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