Thursday, July 14, 2011

another week of confessions

...I am only writing this post because want these thoughts to be recorded, but feel like socializing and having to make a two sided conversation with someone else

...I love the military, but despise the necessity of deployments. why we just be neutral? We're not superheroes.

...I just watched Waiting for Superman and it really upset me. believe all of it because the bias is so clearly skewed. We have teachers unions here.

...I have a really sexy farmer's tan right now. and by tan, mean tshirt burn. it looks great with my freckles and ginger hair.

...I also have leftover sunburn, heat rash, skeeter bites, and ant bites from camp and the waterpark.

...This means have been scratching my peeling, bug bitten hiney shamelessly all week. feel like such a man.

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