Monday, May 2, 2011

Words of wisdom...or not.

Words of wisdom...or not.

Here's a nugget of information for all you first year/ soon-to-be teachers: middle schoolers, particularly seventh graders are weird.

That's it. They're weird.  Some amusing examples to follow.

1) The darkest child in the seventh grade wearing a t-shirt that said "I'm the original blonde."

2) Fill in the blank test question: J.J. Thomson discovered electrons through his __science___ experiments.  Good answer, kid, good answer. I marked it correct.  I didn't have the heart to mark it wrong.  I mean, it IS true.

3)Student: "Ms. Green, wanna know what all the students say about you?"
Me: A little nervous, but curious "Sure."
Student: "You have a really big butt.  Like, you have a donk. Insert lyrics, tune, and dance moves to 'she's got a donk'."
Me: "Okay then. Moving on..."
The rest of that class was interesting.

More to come.  Sorry for any grammatical errors to the ELA teachers out there.  I've got a running list, just can't remember them all now.
PS- Today, one of my students took the stickers off his Axe deoderant and stuck them across the bridge of his glasses/ his nose.  I was teaching, and when he answered his question, I looked at him and cracked up.  I did get a picture, so hopefully you'll be able to get a good laugh.

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