Tuesday, May 3, 2011

True Life

These conversations are sprinkled throughout my days. :)

L: Ms. Green, do you have a boyfriend?
Me: No.
R: That's good. That means she has high standards and she doesn't have to go through her young life taking care of kids.
L: No it's not, I'm just saying, I mean, no offense, but she's getting older and she has cats. She's gonna be 30, have a HUNDRED cats and be yelling, "Get off my lawn!"

haha.  some of the things they say come straight from their parents' stereotypes and mouths.  And do they not realize that a HUGE part of my job is taking care of kids?

Also, we had this really cool thing called the Choice Bus come today.  I took one of my classes, and even though I had many of our more difficult to control students, they did an AWESOME job!  I didn't even have to correct one of them for anything.  It was such a great feeling.  On second thought, maybe they were just petrified because they got to experience a jail cell.  Maybe it'll help persuade them to hang with the right crowd, study hard, and graduate from high school then subsequently go to college.  I hope they'll make good decisions!  The point of this? It's teacher appreciation week, and I so appreciate my students today. This is one of those top-of-the world moments.

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