Monday, May 9, 2011

Poor Nancy

Oh, Poor Nancy....bless her heart!

Nancy is the life-sized model of a woman with all her organs and such exposed to the world.  Working with Nancy is a bit like doing dissection, just without all the fermaldehyde and grossness that I, as a science teacher, love.  We've finally gotten to the point of the year where we're working on the human body and the functions of the numerous parts of the body.  All the human aspects of biology are my favorite things to teach.  I love this time of year-- I just wish it wasn't coinciding with standardized testing.  Talk about a boring three hours-- sitting/ walking around the classroom and only being able to stare at a class full of students taking a long test.  LAME!  Thank goodness it's just this week, and then it's over. 

Anyway, back to Nancy.  She has seen and put up with A LOT!  First of all, she's been ogled and groped by handfuls of teenage girls and boys, not that half of them knew she was a girl.  She's had her guts pulled out and twisted around.  She's been cut and drawn on to look like she was bleeding.  The poor girl has had it rough.  Let's not even talk about what she's seen and heard.  She's having to put up with 7th and 8th grade kids all day, five days a week, and she doesn't get the outlets I get.  I mean, she can't even roll her one eyeball when they say something ridiculous.

Like, student: "Ms. Green, how come Nancy doesn't get ashy?"
Me: *palm to forehead*
Another student: because she's plastic!
student: like a blowup doll?

oh man.

And now, an ode to Nancy:

Oh Fancy Nancy,
You must be so antsy
to get a pair of pantsies
and head away from the negative nancy
that rules my classroom.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors, Nancy!!!

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