Monday, April 25, 2011

Something to think about.

I wrote this in January, so about three months ago.  I forget sometimes how much good there really is in my life, and need to remind myself to be more like one of my role models- Pollyanna!  If you don't get it, watch the link. alll the way through. :)

I'm really stressed right now, but it'll all pass soon, and I'm looking for the silver lining.

Here's the old post: I titled it Maybe

This is my second consecutive entire day with my first period class.  Three hours left with them, but as of right now, I'm not sick and tired of them yet.  They're not getting on my nerves, and I'm actually having a really good day.  Minus the fact that they're taking an exam, and my bladder feels like it's absolutely going to burst.  Maybe #1- Maybe I COULD teach in a self-contained/ elementary classroom.  I've always wondered.

Maybe # 2- Maybe this school will be great next year.  If I am given the opportunity to teach at this school again next year, and we can continue to keep our star students and recruit a good number of similar students, I think this would be, like, one of the greatest schools ever.  I had a great conversation with the parent of one of the basketball players (not my student) about the school, the students, and what it's like working for the school.  I told him that I really do enjoy it, especially now that behavior's finally improving and I feel like I can teach more and discipline less.  Maybe, Maybe, we'll continue on the path to being a leading school.  I'm so glad the first-year bumps are smoothing themselves out.

Maybe # 3- Maybe my roommates and I will stop having such vivid, weird dreams and nightmares.  Last night after dinner, we talked about how frequently we have school-related dreams/ nightmares.  Dreaming about the realities that our students face and that we as teachers face on a daily basis is borderline terrifying.  I mean, I spend ALL day with these kids and their parents.  When I go to sleep, I want to dream about something nice, like long vacations and lazy days on the beach.  

Maybe, maybe, maybe.  I guess we'll see.

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