Monday, April 25, 2011

Because grades are due again...

Terrifying Moment that I'm sure will be funny later

I took all my grading to my parents' house (4 hours away) over the winter break.  When I got back to school and went to pull out my gradebook and my last couple of remaining "to-be graded" stacks, they weren't in my school bag.  I pushed the panic away and decided that they must be in the house or in my car somewhere.  So, I came home last night expecting to find my gradebook.  Long story short, it was in the back of my dad's car....four hours' drive away.  It is now Tuesday night, and grades are due by midnight Thursday.  Totally panicking now.  My dad is my hero for scanning some of the grades and overnighting my gradebook and ungraded papers.  So, hopefully they'll arrive sometime Thursday and I can rush to get everything done after work but before midnight.  Here's to hoping, and here's to hoping this will be a really funny oops! moment sometime in the future.  For right now, I'm terrified that I won't be able to get my grades in on time.

4 months later: it's still not funny.

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